Week 5: Preparation Sessions

by Aya Gonzalez

Sep 01, 2022


  • Context: set and setting
  • The healing environment
  • Intention setting
  • Dose ranges
  • Support persons
  • The therapeutic ritual
  • Anticipated challenges during Medicine Sessions

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the essentials of psychedelic-assisted therapy Preparation Sessions including intention setting and optimizing set and setting.
  • Demonstrate how to assist a client to set therapeutic goals and clear intentions.
  • Describe the therapeutic ritual (including intention and goal setting) and why it is supportive in psychedelic-assisted therapy.
  • Design 1-2 therapeutic rituals to incorporate in Preparation and subsequent psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions.
  • Delineate the difference between psycholytic and psychedelic dose effects.
  • Apply appropriate interventions across the spectrum of effects as a result of the ranges between psycholytic and psychedelic doses.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in setting appropriate boundaries.
  • Describe the considerations needed to conduct preparation and integration sessions via video.
  • Discuss the important role that music plays during Medicine Sessions.

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