Jean-François Jodouin, PhD

Jean-François believes that our minds, hearts, and bodies should not be considered separately in th

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Dr. Jenna Creaser, MD, CCFP

Dr. Jenna Creaser, MD, CCFP, is a Family Physician based on Vancouver Island and a Clinical Instruct

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Derek de Braga MA, CCC, OCCOQ

Working and supporting individuals towards healing, understanding and integration has always been th

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Melissa Taylor MSW, RSW

Melissa is a Registered Social Worker with a Master of Social Work, Clinical Specialization, from th

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Jeff Hoy, RCC

I am a therapist who wants to help you, in the way that works for you, and at the pace that works fo

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Anna MacGillivray, RCC

Anna is passionate about helping her clients pursue healing, growth, and self-understanding. Her app

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