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Numinus Bioscience is a global leader in supporting and expanding the safe, accessible, and evidence-based use of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies. Operating a state-of-the-art research facility in British Columbia, Canada, Numinus Bioscience holds a Controlled Drugs and Substances license issued by Health Canada to allow the possession, production, assembly, sale, export, and delivery for a wide variety of psychedelic compounds and natural source materials, including Psilocybe mushroom fruiting bodies and extracts, Psilocybin, Psilocin, Ketamine, LSD, DMT and Mescaline.

Numinus has established itself at the forefront of psychedelic therapeutic development and as a centre of excellence for product research and development, and as a supporting arm for psychedelic therapy clinical trials.

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Industry Leaders

A leader in therapeutic development, psychedelics R&D, Numinus Bioscience has invested in next-generation equipment to increase efficiency and accuracy as well as ensure compliance with good practices in ground-breaking areas of research. We adhere to ISO, Good Laboratory Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, and Good Agricultural and Collection Practices. Our objective is to ensure our clients receive the best service in the industry.

The Bioscience Team

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Services & Capabilities

High Throughput Standardized Testing

With the recent amendment to our license, Numinus Bioscience is now able to provide clients with high throughput standardized testing for controlled compounds such as LSD, ketamine, DMT, MDMA, mescaline, psilocybin and psilocin. Tests include identity, purity, residual solvents, elemental impurities, and microbial contaminants for pure compounds.

Because psychedelic compounds can be tested as constituents of fungal and botanical materials, Numinus Bioscience has the capability to test starting materials, finished products and in process materials for active constituents, residual solvents, elemental impurities, pesticides, terpenes, microbial contaminants, toxins, disintegration and dissolution as well as uniformity of dosage units where applicable.

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Services & Capabilities

Product Development & Formulation Studies

Numinus Bioscience is equipped to complete product development and formulation studies for controlled drug substances and cannabis products including: preservative challenge tests, dissolution & disintegration, stability protocols for accelerated and real-time excipient studies, packaging compatibility and batch critical checkpoints. These can be completed to provide stakeholders vital information for regulatory submissions for Health Canada and International Regulatory Jurisdictions, and also inform internal research plans. 

Services & Capabilities

Psilocybe Mushroom Product Development

Is your product based on Psilocybe mushrooms? If so, Numinus Bioscience has recently acquired equipment to comply with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices and can produce a specific Psilocybe mushroom clone through our proprietary selection and development procedures. Genetically verified clones aligned with metabolomic fingerprints can be utilized to create products with consistent batch variability of psilocybin and other constituents of interest. Numinus Bioscience can cultivate, harvest and prepare mushroom materials for batch production of finished products for research purposes and prepare documents for regulatory submissions.

Magic mushrooms - Psilocybin

Additional Services

Spore Bank

Numinus Bioscience can supply Psilocybe mushroom spores and tissue culture for license holders and can be listed for application purposes. We can also develop and store clones in tissue culture for immediate supply or long-term storage.

Contract Research Lab

The field of psychedelics is evolving. Numinus Bioscience can conduct long and short term contract research projects to facilitate psychedelic initiatives including formulations, pre-clinical studies, identifying toxic potentials, identifying bioactivity and mode of action

Import, Storage and Distribution

Sourcing study materials internationally requires a Dealers License issued by the Office of Controlled Drugs and Substances. Numinus can import, store and distribute controlled drugs and substances for psychedelics for clinical research applications including trials, research protocols and studies.

Provision of Materials

We are capable of providing exemption 56 holders Psilocybe mushroom fruiting body and extracts for research and compassionate access purposes.

Cannabis Testing

Numinus Bioscience also conducts standardized cannabis testing as per Health Canada requirements.

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