Brandys Evans
May 17, 2022

Therapist Spotlight: Brandys Evans, RCC

Brandys’ life mission has always been about providing a space for people to be their truest selves. Volunteering at the Vancouver Suicide Risk and Prevention Center led her on a years-long journey to becoming the warm and caring therapist she is today.

“The most important thing to me in this work, is that the person sitting across from me, feels like it’s okay to feel absolutely who or whatever they are.”

Brandys did not know right off the bat that she wanted to be a therapist, but it was her deep compassion for those around her and volunteering at the Vancouver Suicide Risk and Prevention Center that paved the way for the meaningful work she does today.  

Day in and day out, she listened to people in the deepest levels of pain. She felt their stories and heart and provided them with the space to feel heard, understood and cared for. Fast forward six years of additional schooling and two children later, Brandys is now the author of the book, “LISTEN! Helping Your Child Manage Their Emotions” and a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) in British Columbia.  

Brandys’ passion lies in strengthening individuals by helping them reset trust in themselves from the inside out. She has extensive training in mind/body interventions, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Somatic Experiencing, Parent-Child Relationships, and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. 

Tune in as Brandys shares more about her approach to healing and how psychedelic-assisted therapy has helped her guide her clients towards greater healing and contentment.

Full Transcript  

Brandys Evans:  
The most important thing to me in this work is that the person sitting across from me feels like it’s okay to be absolutely who or whatever they are. There has to be the absence of judgment, analysis and we create the space and that may come up inside them because they’re used to being in front of people where that’s going to happen – but it’s all about them feeling heard and seen on a very deep level. My intention… my purpose is to provide that space for people.
The work that I do now with Numinus – I do see clientele one-on-one and I’m also doing the ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. The clientele that comes for ketamine are usually people that have been through the system. Maybe they’ve tried rounds of medication, maybe they’ve tried years of therapy and nothing really seems to help. Often my clientele say that they feel like there’s a block, there’s just something in the way. They want to feel joy or they want to feel happiness… the word I like to use is contentment. I’ve had clients say it’s like there’s a glass wall and I just can’t get on the other side.
When you come in and do the ketamine, it appears to help them melt away. And then with the therapy, then you’re able to do the work.
Numinus is looking for clinicians who have the training and have the passion to help people because in the psychedelic realm, or even in trauma work, when you’re opening people up, your capacity to hold space will align with their capacity to heal.
And if they’re coming to us for help, we need people who are in that vein of thought and living in that way so that people who are hurting and struggling and suffering year after year can finally get the help and the support that they’re looking for. That’s the purpose of Numinus.

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