Psychedelic Integration
June 3, 2022

What is Psychedelic Integration? An Introductory Guide

Psychedelic integration helps you make sense of your experience and merge your insights into your life in a safe, non-judgmental space. If you have recently used psychedelics or are interested in learning more about them, here is what you should know about psychedelic integration.

There is a lot of talk about psychedelic-assisted therapy and psychedelic medicine these days; however, the discussion of what happens after a psychedelic experience doesn’t get as much attention. But it should.

Many people find they have gained new perspectives from their experiences – but how to synthesize and integrate them into daily life isn’t so clear. This is where the role of psychedelic integration fits in.  

Integration is often overlooked in the recreational world. Research from the 2021 Global Drug Survey, which polled over 20,000 psychedelic users (of LSD and psilocybin), found that only 52.3 % had an integration session following their trip.  

Integration can come in different forms. So, what and how does one integrate their experience, and what is the role of a therapist?   

Regardless of how you use psychedelics, integration should be a part of the story. It speaks to a holistic view of psychedelic use that allows you to form new habits, rewire thought patterns, and create lasting change.   

If you have recently used psychedelics or are interested in learning more about them, here is what you should know about psychedelic integration and the benefits of working with a therapist. 

What is Psychedelic Integration? 

Psychedelics can venture into your subconscious, unearthing information, emotions, and even suppressed memories. Ushering these realizations into your ordinary state of consciousness can sometimes feel challenging to navigate.  

Integration is an ongoing piece of psychedelic use. In psychedelic-assisted therapy, it comes in the form of support, harm reduction, and education. It helps you make sense of what you discovered during your experience and ensure you’re taking any valuable insights with you on your healing journey. 

As for what this looks like in practice, different modalities or types of therapy can be used to assist with integration and promote self-reflection; working with a therapist or in a professionally facilitated integration circle will ensure you have access to the tools that are right for you.   

What Is the Difference Between Psychedelic Integration and Traditional Therapy? 

 Traditional therapy supports you in processing your thoughts, emotions, and feelings through regular sessions over time. Psychedelics take you inward and often into altered states of consciousness, which can feel difficult to express or contextualize until you reengage with the experience and process it entirely.  

That’s why it’s beneficial to work with integration therapists who have either participated in or facilitated a psychedelic journey; they are able to understand the nuances of psychedelic experiences and the comprehensive approaches required to unpack them in a safe, non-judgmental space.  

Why Is It Important to Incorporate Integration as Part of a Personal Journey or Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy? 

Although they are a powerful healing mechanism, psychedelics alone are not a silver bullet solution and require integration to benefit from their full potential.   

Integration is also a key component of mitigating risk and harm reduction. While psychedelics can provide clarity and a sense of well-being, it’s also possible for complicated feelings, negative thoughts, and old wounds or trauma to arise. These more challenging experiences should also be addressed and reconciled for the therapeutic benefit of psychedelics to be considered complete.   

Where Can I Learn About Integration? 

While integration is possible to achieve on your own, we feel the safest and most supportive way is through working one-on-one with a psychedelic integration therapist or as a part of a professionally facilitated community.  

At Numinus, we offer both options. You can either:  

Join our FREE Monthly Psychedelic Integration Circles (live, online)

Find community in an open and judgment-free space. Tune in to connect, share and integrate your psychedelic experiences.

Book a 1:1 Psychedelic Integration Session with our Therapists 

Our psychedelic integration therapists and coaches are here to support you, whether you’re in search of education and support navigating this new terrain, need help to integrate a challenging psychedelic experience, or you’re a seasoned user of psychedelics looking to connect with experts to review your findings. 

This is only the beginning of the conversation when it comes to integration; reach out to us today to learn more about how to include psychedelic integration as part of your healing journey.  

Please note that integration sessions do not mean being under the influence of psychedelic medicine. Psychedelics are still illegal in much of the world, and Numinus does not condone illegal activity. The purpose of this article is to provide education on psychedelic use and harm reduction.