Mental Health in Utah

by Numinus

Feb 17, 2023

Things are looking up for mental health in Utah.

“When you look at mental health in our society, we are in crisis mode,” said Christena Huntsman Durham, of the Huntsman Foundation. “I think each one of us deals with mental health, either personally or in our family. It’s time that we take the stigma away.”

– 40% of Utah’s depressed youth age 12-17 did not receive treatment for depression
– Over 50% of Utah adults with mental illness did not receive mental health treatment or counseling.
– Suicide was the leading cause of death for Utahns ages 10 to 24 in 2017

Huntsman Foundation CEO: It’s past time to change stigmas and misconceptions surrounding mental illness. “We need to do better by you, and particularly, that third group that’s most important—who all too often live in silence because they are afraid that somebody is going to find out that they have something they never bargained for, something they never asked for; who suffer all too often in silence.”

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