Top 6 Apps for Your Mindfulness Practice

by Numinus

Jun 06, 2012

Here are some apps that people from around the Numinus community have found helpful for their Mindfulness practices.

1) Insight Timer:
You can see who is meditating with you around the world!

2) Mindapps – Mindfulness (blue icon)
American female voice which has the following:
– Arriving and centring
– Silent meditation
– Personalized mediation with timer, bells and/or centring (you decide)
– Guided Meditations led by the female voice 3, 5, 15 and 30 minutes
– Body scan 5 minutes

3) Mental Workout – Mindfulness meditaiton app (green icon)
Male American voice with several guids:
– Guided Meditations 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 minutes
– Guided relaxation (10 min body scan)

4) app
10 free guided meditations then you have to sign up for the 365 day extravaganza!! (but it is excellent)

5) Mindfulness TS (orange icon)
– Some interesting exercises involving the touchscreen
– Also provides some feedback about the quality of your focus

6) Meditate (my personal favorite):
This is a very simple meditation timer. I really like it for the aesthetics of the design and the sound options available for marking the beginning and end of meditations.

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