You Won’t Regret It

by Numinus

Jan 20, 2015

There aren’t that many decisions you can be certain you won’t regret.

Sushi for lunch? You might regret it. Getting a dog? You might regret it. Agreeing to organize your sister’s wedding shower, or telling your boss how you really feel? You might regret it.

There are precisely two things that I know for sure I won’t regret later: meditating and working out. I’ve meditated and gone for a run or hit the gym hundreds of times and, even when it’s difficult and unpleasant, I’ve never once said to myself afterwards, “Wow, I wish I hadn’t done that.”

Have you?

If your New Year’s resolutions to meditate or to get fitter are flagging, or if you find yourself putting them off in favour of some other activity–work, surfing online, snacking, watching TV or other activities you might regret–consider engaging in an activity with little chance for regret and practically 100% chance of post-activity satisfaction.

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