The Numinus Care Model


The Numinus Care Model is the foundation of all that we do. We use these principles as a framework to guide how we care for our clients and inspire others in the mental health space to do the same, for the benefit of all people seeking care.

Integrative and Transformative Mental Wellness

We focus on whole-person health, including lifestyle and behaviour changes in which physical and mental health are deeply connected–not existing in isolation.

Trauma- and Violence-Informed Care

Trauma is a transdiagnostic risk factor for mental and physical wellbeing. Informed professionals understand the types and physiological, psychological, and behavioural impacts of trauma

Cultural Safety and Humility

Cultural humility is a ongoing process of self-critique in order to achieve a culturally safe environment. Cultural safety allows Indigenous Peoples to live their full sense of self and identity when accessing services.

Justice, Equity, Dignity, & Inclusion

Health professionals must prioritize dignity and human rights in the face of injustice. Services should be equitable and inclusive. Health professionals must commit to ongoing learning about oppression, racism, and discrimination.


This approach recognizes the importance of relationship-building in healthcare to create meaningful opportunities for people to connect with each other throughout their healing journey.


Mindful awareness encompasses contact with all available modes of sense perception (vision, sound, interoception, etc.), as well as awareness of arising and passing emotions and phenomena (thoughts, images, embodied experiences, etc.).


Embodied awareness provides access to one’s present truth and past as it shows up through embodied implicit memory. Embodiment includes interception which allows us to feel and relate to what is going on in our bodies
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