Numinus' research division, Cedar Clinical Research ("CCR"), is actively seeking participants for clinical trials at our Draper and Murray locations in Utah. As a premier site for psychedelic and mental health clinical trials, we lead over 20 clinical trials per year. Our studies are ongoing, so we encourage you to sign up or check back frequently to find the study that may be most relevant for you.

If you choose to participate in one of CCR’s studies, you can help in growing our understanding of mental illness. You may also gain more insight into your own situation, while contributing to potentially transformative care for others.

For Sponsors or Contract Research Organizations (CROs), we provide a single point of contact for both sites, streamlining all aspects of study-startup activities. If you would like additional information regarding our sites, Principal Investigators (PIs), or other relevant experiences, please feel free to email us at We are here to assist and provide the information you need.

Treatment Resistant Depression Clinical Trial – Recruiting Now

We are currently recruiting patients for a clinical trial in Treatment Resistant Depression in Salt Lake City, Utah. Many people who receive antidepressant treatment for their depression do not get an adequate response to the medicines they are taking. If someone is taking two or more antidepressants and they are failing, this is sometimes referred to as treatment-resistant depression or TRD.  Click here for more information about this study.


Participating in a clinical trial is not the same as receiving medical treatment. You should consult your doctor before agreeing to participate in a study of an experimental treatment.

Numinus will not share your name or information outside of the Numinus group of companies without your consent. If you are a patient, your ongoing or future care at Numinus will not in any way be affected by your decision to participate in a study, withdraw from a study or remove your name from CCR’s participant list. Please see our Privacy Policy.
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