Participate in leading-edge mental health research

We are always launching new studies for a range of mental health areas.

If you are interested in applying for a study, submit an application and one of our professionals will reach out to you within one business day. We will then determine which study is right for you and if you are eligible to enrol.

No two studies are identical. Before you enrol, a member of our research team will provide more information that explains the study and what to expect.

If you have questions about clinical research, contact us at +1 (801) 369-4219 or book a call.

  • Location
    Murray, UT, Draper, UT, or Phoenix, AZ
  • Age restriction
  • Language requirement
  • Eligibility

    One of our professionals will give you more information based on what we are currently offering.

  • Compensation
    Some studies provide compensation. You will receive more information before you enrol in a study.


Participating in a clinical trial is not the same as receiving medical treatment. You should consult your doctor before agreeing to participate in an investigational treatment study.

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