Uncontrolled substance use, or engagement in certain behaviors, despite harmful consequences.

What is it?

Addiction is a chronic, often relapsing disease in which a person becomes dependent on a substance or problematic activity. The harm of addiction can range from mild (difficult to detect) to severe (disease, homelessness).    

Addiction can be tied to genetic factors, environmental factors. trauma and mental health issues, and difficulties coping. Substance use disorder impacts and changes the brain, making it challenging to overcome without treatment and support. 

If you or a family member is experiencing addiction, things may feel out of control. You may feel like the addiction is running your life and that you are powerless to stop it. We offer a range of services for those struggling with addiction and their loved ones. To learn more, schedule an informational call with one of our health navigators.

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Symptoms of Addiction

  • Denial
  • Injuries, or other problematic outcomes, while under the influence 
  • Dependency
  • Impaired control 
  • Problems with relationships 
  • Legal and financial troubles 
  • Withdrawal
  • Isolation 
  • Physical side effects of the substance - i.e. sores, nausea, 
  • Spending money on substances or activities rather than food, rent, and other essentials 
  • Difficulty completing life activities such as work, school, paying expenses, 

Addiction can be connected to depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Trauma

Whatever you’re facing, you are not alone. If you’re currently in crisis and need of immediate, emergency support, please call 911.

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