Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

A mental health condition categorized by persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

What is it?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition impacting daily functioning, relationships, self-esteem, and academic/professional tasks. 

ADHD begins in childhood, but can go undiagnosed into adulthood. It can be caused by many different factors, including genetics, neurobiology, and environment.

We understand the frustration and suffering that ADHD can cause and we’re here to help. Treatment can include a combination of therapy, lifestyle/wellness support, and medication. To learn more, schedule an informational call with one of our health navigators.

Symptoms of ADHD

ADHD presents differently in children and adults. Symptoms may include:  


  • Difficulties focusing on school work,  tasks and activities 
  • Avoiding tasks that require sustained mental effort
  • Reduced academic engagement and performance 
  • Problems with attention span 
  • Fidgeting, tapping hands or feet, squirming in seat
  • Running or climbing when inappropriate 
  • Frequently talking too much or too fast 
  • Struggles to wait for their turn during activities of conversations 


  • Impulsivity (hasty acts that occur without thought)
  • Disorganization and problems prioritizing
  • Poor time management skills
  • Problems focusing on a task
  • Trouble multitasking
  • Excessive activity or restlessness
  • Poor planning
  • Low frustration tolerance / high temper
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Problems following through and completing tasks
  • Difficulties coping with stress

Other mental health conditions, like depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, can occur alongside ADHD.

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