Derek de Braga



Working and supporting individuals towards healing, understanding and integration has always been Derek's focus as a therapist. After completing his Master’s degree in counselling psychology, he began working at a publicly funded addiction treatment center in Montreal which offered inpatient as well as outpatient treatment. Throughout those eight years Derek learned valuable skills and acquired clinical training in the areas of mental health disorders, trauma, and addiction. More importantly however, he learned about compassion and the painful realities that many people face when seeking support for issues related to substances and compulsive behaviour. While his clinical influences are rooted in mindfulness-based approaches and a harm reduction perspective, he utilizes aspects of Emotion-Focused Therapy, Person Centered, Psychodynamic and somatic psychotherapy practices. The integrative harm reduction approach towards substance use and other behavioural addictions is also at the foundation of his work. This allows clients to explore their individual experiences and relational needs in a non-judgmental way. The scope of his clinical practice is broad in addressing issues around addiction and mental health that present in many forms. Derek is also passionate and experienced in supporting individuals who are curious, or who have had experience with non-ordinary states of consciousness. When working with him in this context, you will be invited into a safe and confidential space where you may begin to explore and integrate positive or challenging psychedelic experiences into your everyday life.

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