Vickie Beauregard



Are you looking for a space where you can express yourself freely, with confidence, and explore your inner world? I would be delighted to welcome you and accompany you in this transformative experience that is psychotherapy, with kindness, empathy, sensitivity, and an open mind. My psychotherapeutic approach is eclectic, primarily integrating psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and positive humanistic approaches. I tailor treatment to your specific needs and foster a collaborative relationship, where together we navigate the path to self-discovery and the quest for meaning. I am committed to honoring the trust you place in me by revealing yourself, and I value authentic exchanges. My view of the individual is holistic. I pay particular attention to your strengths and what you are feeling here and now, both within yourself and in relation to me. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve the change you seek, beyond the reduction of your symptoms. I am intrigued by innovative therapeutic modalities that allow access to your deep nature and expanded states of consciousness. I am currently undergoing training to provide psychedelic-assisted therapy because I believe in its transformative potential. Dr. Vickie Beauregard holds a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the University of Sherbrooke. Psychologist since 2012, she has accumulated over ten years of experience in psychotherapy with a diverse clientele. She is recognized for her clinical intuition and gentleness in her interventions.

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