Numinus Bioscience

Numinus Bioscience Inaugural Symposium

Join us on September 22, 2022 at Vancouver Island University as we present our multidisciplinary research activities and objectives at Numinus Bioscience in the field of natural psychedelics encompassing drug development, discovery, genomics, metabolomics, bioactivity, formulation studies, IP development and more.


Please note: this is an invite only event. Limited slots available, secure your seat today. 

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An evening dedicated to psychedelic research

Through the Symposium, we hope to seed and foster collaborative relationships with multiple divisions of Vancouver Island University for the purpose of leading ground-breaking innovative research, student opportunities and funding avenues to accelerate psychedelic research.


Symposium Details

September 22, 2022 
Vancouver Island University
Building 210, room 275

Appetizers and drinks will be served

RSVP required – please secure your spot by September 12, 2022.