East Forest, Superposition, Jon Hopkins

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Music as Medicine

Music As Medicine by Numinus is a series of ceremonial concerts exploring the role music plays in psychedelic-assisted therapy and mental health.

The first Music as Medicine event happened in L.A. last May 21st. It was an immersive meditative musical experience and consciousness-expanding visuals featuring Jon Hopkins, East Forest and Superposition.

East Forest Concert Ceremony

A series of ceremonial concerts exploring the role music plays in psychedelic-assisted therapy and mental health

Music As Medicine by Numinus will feature a rotating roster of meditative and ambient musicians, multimedia art, and immersive guided meditations. It will be hosted in various cities across the U.S. and Canada, celebrating Numinus’ proposed move into the U.S. and reinforcing its community in its home country of Canada.

Music As Medicine May 21

Previous Event

May 21, 2022 at Lighthouse Immersive, L.A.

Held in Los Angeles on May 21, 2022 at the renowned Lighthouse Immersive, the event consisted of four hours of continuous and entrancing music and visuals by a line-up of the preeminent artists in this emerging genre: Superposition, Justin Boreta, Matthew Davis’ ambient project and East Forest. LA-based multimedia art studio Strangeloop, known for their captivating visuals for artists such as Lil NasX, Flying Lotus, and The Weeknd, fully enveloped the space with live projection-mapping intended to submerge guests in an all-sensory experience. The event ended with a live 3D spatial audio playback of Jon Hopkins’ most recent acclaimed album Music For Psychedelic Therapy, experienced in total darkness, followed by an intimate live piano performance of “Sit Around the Fire”.

In this embodied ceremony, you had the opportunity to lie down and go deep into this meditative music journey, as we explored the importance that music and art play in the psychedelic therapy landscape and mental health. 


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“Music, community and connection have always played an important role in sacred ceremonies and are an integral component of psychedelic-assisted therapy and integration. Through the Music as Medicine by Numinus series, we are celebrating an emerging genre of meditative music, and exploring the role that music can play as part of the healing process, while building connection across a community.” – Payton Nyquvest, Founder and CEO, Numinus