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Embodied Inquiry: A New Methodology for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Are you providing or interested in providing psychedelic-assisted therapy? Embodied Inquiry (EI) offers practitioners a roadmap for navigating the complexity, intensity and vulnerability that arises in this work. EI is derived from mindfulness, somatic therapy and trauma-sensitive approaches  designed to support safe, therapeutic, and transformative experiences for clients exploring psychedelic healing. Join our 3-day experiential workshop that introduces participants to the practice of EI and its application through preparation, medicine sessions and integration.

This course includes live zoom sessions and online pre-work.

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About this program

  • Date
    July 17, 2023 - July 19, 2023
  • Date
    November 17, 2023 - December 1, 2023
  • Occasions
    16 hours
  • Place
    Live sessions (via Zoom)
    4 hours each
    Pre-work (online)
    3 hours total
  • Language
  • Price
    500 CAD + tax


Course description

This highly experiential training will help you cultivate deeper grounding, openness and compassion so that you can be fully present to your clients’ journeys – and your own.

The embodied inquiry model provides a reliable framework for orienting yourself in the arc of the therapy, freeing up cognitive bandwidth to bring curiosity, non-judgment, and kindness to the investigation of whatever is arising in session. These foundational attitudes enhance your own compassion and resilience and helps to strengthen the therapeutic container for your client’s exploration.

This course has been accredited through the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), the l’Ordre des psychologues du Québec (OPQ), and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

This course includes 12 hours of live sessions and 4 hours of online pre-work. Please see below for more information.

Summer 2023 Cohort: July

Time (PT): 10:00am-2:00pm PT

Time (ET): 1:00pm-5:00pm ET

Course access begins: Monday, July 10

Live session 1: Monday, July 17

Live session 2: Monday, July 18

Live session 3: Monday, July 19

Language: English


Fall 2023 Cohort: November

Time (PT): 8:30am-12:30pm PT

Time (ET): 11:30am-3:30pm ET

Course access begins: Monday, November 6

Live session 1: Friday, November 17

Live session 2: Friday, November 24

Live session 3: Friday, December 1

Language: English



There are no prerequisites for this course.


Content Overview

Please use the arrows below to learn more about what will be taught in each module.


• What is inquiry?
• Inquiry framework (method, embodiment, process)
• Psychological flexibility
• Demonstrations and practice exercises

Learning Outcomes

• Describe the underlying assumptions and attitudes of inquiry
• Utilize the 3 layers of inquiry at an introductory level
• Use the 3 Characteristics when engaged in the inquiry process
• Apply inquiry to challenging experiences to increase psychological flexibility, distress tolerance, and acceptance


• Applied neuroscience (trauma and psychedelic-assisted therapy)
• Trauma skills
• Inquiry skills
• Demonstrations and practice exercises

Learning Outcomes

• Identify the difference between narrative (secondary consciousness) and experiential self-referencing (primary consciousness) and difficult emotions
• Explain how an understanding of trauma neurobiology is essential to embodied inquiry
• Describe the threat response states of the nervous system threat as they relate to trauma and psychedelic-assisted therapy
• Apply embodied inquiry to present experience


• Case work

Learning Outcomes

• Apply the use of embodied inquiry within the context of IFS parts work at an introductory level
• Describe the intentions of embodied inquiry through the arc of psychedelic-assisted therapy (Preparation, Medicine, and Integration Sessions)
• Use inquiry to work with dysregulation
• Apply embodied inquiry to present experience

Learning Outcomes

After the course, you’ll be able to

Apply mindful and somatic inquiry skills at an introductory level.

Describe the components of inquiry.

Utilize inquiry skills to help clients process challenging experiences.

Direct clients to mindfully attend and stay with experience using the body as a source of information and anchor for attention.


The continuing professional development program in no way promotes, condones, or facilitates illegal activity, and is strictly for educational and harm reduction purposes only. Please be aware that certain psychedelic substances still remain illegal in many jurisdictions, including Canada. This program and the contents of this website do not constitute medical advice, and are not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.


Embodied Inquiry is a modality where clinicians provide guidance to the client before, during and after a modality derived from mindfulness-based interventions and other process-based and somatic therapies.

Yes – Continuing Education (CE) accreditation will be available upon completion.

You will need to be able to commit to the live sessions each day. Please email if you have any special circumstances.

Yes, just be mindful of the time zones! Please also note that daylight savings time in North America typically comes into effect on different dates than some other parts of the world.

Please consult the Numinus Practictioner Training Policies for more information about our policies.

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