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Practical Applications of MDMA-Assisted Therapy

As the final component of the Numinus certification pathway, Practical Applications is an opportunity for learners to apply key skills learned with Numinus and experience the arc of psychedelic-assisted therapy firsthand. This course offers 50 hours of practical experience before becoming certified, and can be completed in various ways, depending on the learners unique pathway. Opportunities in this program include online pre-work, experiential learning through a clinical trial, and practicum placements in Numinus clinics to shadow real clients. This is a unique and pivotal offering to solidify knowledge and gain experiences that will forever shape your competence in providing mental health care.

This course includes in-person clinical hours and online pre-work.

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About this program

  • Date
    September 1, 2023 -
  • Occasions
    Individualized Schedules
  • Place
    Vancouver, Canada
  • Language
  • Price
    3999 CAD + tax


Course description

In the Fundamentals course, you learned about the Numinus care model, the therapeutic stance, and core skills related to facilitation and trauma- and violence-informed care. In the Molecular Foundations course, you learned about the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the medicine as well as the indications that the medicine is being investigated to treat. Applied Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy focused on various clinical indications and specific tools and methods to treat transdiagnostic factors through case based learning.

This course will now require you to apply all of your course learnings into real clinical work and experiences.

Time Commitments

  • 3 hours of online pre-work, which includes recorded client sessions so you can watch a psychedelic-assisted therapy session before any in-person practice.
  • 47 hours of combined clinical time which includes experiential learning through a clinical trial (optional) and/or practicum placement time within a Numinus clinic



In order to register for this course, you must have:

  • Licensed professional in good standing and can observe clients in a clinical setting

  • Successfully completed the Fundamentals of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy course

  • Successfully completed the Applied Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy course

  • Successfully completed the Molecular Foundations of MDMA course

If you do not meet these prerequisites, please reach out to for recommendations to support you.


Content Overview

Every learner will have a unique design to the 50 hours of this program, and this will be customized with your preferences and eligibility in mind. For an overview of the different learning options, please use the arrows below to learn more.

Please use the arrows below to learn more about what will be taught in each module.

• Experiential learning overview and preparation
• Observational learning overview and preparation
• Practicum placement overview and preparation

The above pre-work includes recorded client sessions so you can watch a psychedelic-assisted therapy session before any in-person practice. 

Completion of the above pre-requisites enables you to be recruited for the NUMT2 clinical trial based on your qualifications and course work. However, all clinical trials are regulated by Health Canada and an Independent Ethics Review Board, and all participants of a clinical trial must be carefully screened by the study team to determine eligibility based on the approved study protocol. Enrolment in the clinical trial will be determined following these steps and the decision of the Qualified Investigator.

• If eligible, participate in an Preparation Session (Experiential Period) preparing to undergo psychedelic-assisted therapy
• If eligible, participate in an Medicine Session (Experiential Period) under the effects of the medicine
• If eligible, participate in an Integration Session (Experiential Period) having had experienced the effects of the medicine during a Medicine Session
• If eligible, observe your assigned partner's Preparation, Medicine, and Integration sessions

• Participate in an in-person clinic orientation
• Observe client Preparation Sessions (Practicum) and complete one therapeutic relationship and Numinus care model worksheet for each session
• Observe client Medicine Sessions (Practicum) and complete one Medicine Session observation log for each session
• Observe client Integration Sessions (Practicum) and complete one Integration Session worksheet for each session

Learning Outcomes

After the course, you'll be able to:

  • Synthesize knowledge and skills learned in Fundamentals of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy, Molecular Foundations, and Applied Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy courses.

  • Describe psychedelic-assisted therapy from first-hand experience.

  • Apply the Numinus model of care and clinic policies while engaging in clinical work.

  • Utilize first-hand experience with psychedelic medicines to better understand and support clients through psychedelic-assisted therapy.


The continuing professional development program in no way promotes, condones, or facilitates illegal activity, and is strictly for educational and harm reduction purposes only. Please be aware that certain psychedelic substances still remain illegal in many jurisdictions, including Canada. This program and the contents of this website do not constitute medical advice, and are not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.


Psychedelic-assisted therapy aims to identify and resolve root causes of mental health conditions, working by creating a mind-opening effect through the psychedelics that allows access to deeper levels of insight and healing. Although more research is required, existing evidence suggests that combining a psychedelic experience with psychotherapy can lead to lasting changes and benefits.

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Yes – you will receive a certificate of completion.

Please consult the Numinus Practictioner Training Policies for more information about our policies.

Yes, this course is recognized by the following organizations for continuing education credit.

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Canadian Psychological Association

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Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

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L’Ordre des psychologues du Québec

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Numinus Wellness has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7360. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Numinus Wellness is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

Experiential learning is an opportunity for providers to experience the medicines first hand, including the necessary Preparation and Integration sessions. You’ll be matched with a fellow trainee and have the opportunity to observe their journey, enabling you to apply the appropriate skills to hold space for clients during psychedelic-assisted therapy. For MDMA, Numinus is an exclusive experiential training partner with MAPS.

Our experiential training offering is an optional component of our Practical Applications course, which is part of our larger certification pathway. Through this course, learners need to complete 50 hours through the following activities:

  • Online pre-work to synthesize previous knowledge, including knowledge testing questions
  • Experiential learning. This is entirely optional for learners and may use up to 26 hours from this learning towards their 50 hours of required course time. Please note this is in person and will open in Vancouver to start, then into the US over the year.
  • Practicum placements within one of our Numinus clinics, seeing real Numinus clients. We currently have placement options in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Utah, and Arizona.

If learners can provide full proof of completion certificates for the training they’ve already received from MAPS, Numinus will waive several of the required courses within the certification pathway to expedite access to this course. However, there will be a summarized course offering with an Equivalency Exam required to check competency before learners can register for this offering. Our team highly recommends taking the full certification pathway if it has been several years since you’ve engaged in continuing professional development and practice in this field. If you would like to pursue the equivalency exam, please respond to this email and I’ll make sure to add you into my list of folks once that opens.

Practical Applications will start in Vancouver, BC to start, with other clinical sites to open in the USA over the coming year.

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