I’m already highly skilled and have taken many other training programs. Why should I do this one too?

All providers, at any level, will be challenged to learn something new and apply skills in a new way throughout all of our courses. In Fundamentals of PAT, you will likely be matched with a small group that have very different experiences from you and you’ll be challenged to discuss cases and approaches with colleagues that will offer fresh perspectives and new strategies for you to apply in your own work. There are also opportunities to volunteer for live demos with our expert-level instructors, which is a rich opportunity to take your knowledge to the next level, given its tailored to your current abilities and willingness to dive into the exercise.


Further, the psychedelic landscape is shifting incredibly rapidly, which means new research, models, and approaches are developing and continuously becoming available. Numinus programs stay on the cutting edge of science and will help to ensure you have up-to-date education in the field. Highly successful providers in this field will be the ones who prioritize continuing education in their practice and want to align with the current evidence-based approaches.