Step 1: Partnership Aspirations

by warrengibbon

Mar 03, 2023

First, we’ll hold a series of meetings to get to know each other. We’ll answer all of your questions about Numinus and its services. We’ll go over the Numinus Care Model to show you why we believe it’s the most effective model in the space going beyond a skill set and representing a way of life. We’ll also share insight into what components will be required to operate a PAT clinic or to administer PAT in yours.

In subsequent meetings, we’ll take the time to get to know you, your experience, the region you plan to operate in, the PAT landscape. This would also consist of an open dialogue about the basics of the partnership model reflecting either an owner-operated, Numinus-branded PAT clinic; an owner-operated, owner-branded structure; or a Numinus-operated, owner-branded structure.

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