Step 2: Partnership Elements

by warrengibbon

Mar 03, 2023

Here’s where we’ll assess the region you intend to operate in detail against all of the components required to successfully operate a PAT clinic.

We’ll assess:

  • Planned real estate and required leasehold improvements
  • The local regulatory environment
  • The level of psychedelic interest in the medical community
  • The availability of psychedelic-interested and experienced therapists
  •  The demand for PAT services and the client profiles
  • The requirements to set up insurance payors
  • Other legal and operational considerations that would influence the viability of a PAT clinic

At this stage, we’ll also connect you with Numinus medical directors and clinic managers so you can hear firsthand from them and ask any questions.

And we’ll work with you to create your own financial forecast to calculate your break-even point and project your cash flow for your first three years of business.

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