Week 1: Introduction and Fundamentals

by Aya Gonzalez

Sep 01, 2022


  • Introduction to the course 
  • Overview of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy 
  • Brief history of psychedelic medicines 
  • Introduction to the Numinus care model

Learning Outcomes

  • Justify the prioritization of integrative and transformative mental wellness within the context of psychedelic-assisted therapy by contrasting it with conventional mental health treatment approaches.
  • Describe the seven guiding principles of psychedelic-assisted therapy which include embodiment, mindfulness, trauma- and violence-informed care, justice, equity, dignity, and inclusion (JEDI), Indigenous cultural safety and humility, harm reduction, and connection for the purposes of applying these to the delivery of care.
  • Describe the mission, vision, and values of Numinus.
  • Describe ethical considerations for psychedelic-assisted therapy that create unique vulnerabilities for persons seeking care.
  • Differentiate the outcomes of the psilocybin, MDMA, and Ketamine PAT from a high-level.
  • Briefly explain the structure of psychedelic-assisted therapy.
  • Explain the impact that The Controlled Drug and Substances Act (Canada) and The Controlled Substances Act (United States) had and continue to have on psychedelic research and drug policy.

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