Week 4: Core Competencies: Trauma Psychobiology and Trauma-Specific Skills

by Aya Gonzalez

Sep 01, 2022


  • Trauma and trauma psychobiology
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Self regulation
  • Motivational enhancement

Learning Outcomes

  • Incorporate an understanding of the autonomic nervous system as it applies to trauma case conceptualization and the delivery of care.
  • Differentiate between PTSD and other types of trauma.
  • Describe and apply trauma-specific skills.
  • Identify the framework and spectrum of structural dissociation from primary to tertiary.
  • Identify protector parts and lead inquiry into a protector’s core fears.
  • Safely and optimally support healing of trauma and avoid retraumatization of clients during and post-psychedelic-assisted therapy.
  • Explain polyvagal theory and self-regulation as they relate to trauma.
  • Differentiate between trauma therapy and other types of therapy.

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