What can I expect if I participate?

by Aya Gonzalez

Oct 04, 2022

No two studies are identical; therefore, the investigational treatment (medication, placebo, or even psychotherapy) and information that is collected will be different for each one. In some cases, participants may not receive any treatment at all. Some simply answer survey questions about mental health. Some studies will require visits to the clinic, where others may allow visits to be completed remotely. During participation, some studies may require procedures such as: vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight), physical exam, electrocardiogram (ECG), as well as blood and urine collection to be performed in order to monitor your health. In addition, you may need to complete other assessments or questionnaires that gather necessary information about the study and study medication.

Prior to enrolling, the study staff will provide more information that explains the study and what to expect at each visit.

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