What is the actual experience like?

by Numinus

Jun 16, 2021

Ketamine can alter your perceptions. At the dosages provided at Numinus, you may experience mild reductions in pain, anxiety, and depression, in addition to the following:  

  • A dream-like or ‘floating’ feeling  
  • Altered sense of time and space  
  • Mild changes in perceptions of sounds and sights  
  • Relaxation of ordinary concerns and usual mindset  
  • Disruption of negative feelings and preoccupations  
  • Diminished or altered body sensations; some people may have an “out-of-body” experience, where the usual awareness of the physical body is reduced 

Many clients find the ketamine experience pleasurable, though some people may experience nausea at times. Also, the ketamine journey can cause discomfort to surface through revisiting painful feelings or memories and presenting challenging new perspectives. If you are working with a therapist, you will be encouraged and supported to remain open to what may arise; uncovering and reprocessing these events can provide the key to reaching your wellness goals. If you choose a self-guided ketamine experience not guided by a therapist, our educational materials will outline for you how you may do this work yourself. 

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