What is the actual ketamine experience like?

Ketamine can be administered by intramuscular injection (IM), nasal sprays, and rapid dissolving tablets. Your medical team will determine which ketamine option and dosage is the best for you.

The physical and emotional effects of ketamine will differ from person to person; however, common experiences include:

Altered states of consciousness and feeling separated from reality

Disruption of negative feelings

A dream-like or “floating” sensation

Relaxation of ordinary concerns and usual mindset

A sense of euphoria

An altered sense of time (losing track of time; time slowing down or speeding up)

Diminished or altered body sensations; some people may have an “out-of-body” experience, where awareness of the physical body is reduced

Tunnel vision, or seeing things through a fog

Pain reduction

Mild changes in perceptions of sounds and sights

It is also possible to have uncomfortable feelings as suppressed traumas arise. Safety and care are the top priorities of our team members, and your practitioners will be there to support you as you navigate any challenging experiences.


Our rooms for ketamine dosing sessions have been intentionally designed to ensure your comfort and support your journey. You may choose to be in a reclined or semi-reclined position, wear eyeshades, and listen to music to enhance the experience. To learn more about our ketamine treatments, contact us at 1-833-NUMINUS (686-4687) or book a call.