What ketamine treatment options are available?

by warrengibbon

Oct 27, 2022

Our ketamine treatment offerings are flexible and are designed to meet your individual needs and goals and best support you on your healing journey. Though we offer many options for our ketamine treatments, there is no need to feel overwhelmed in making your choice; our clinical team will help you to decide what form of treatment will best meet your current needs and healing goals. 

Our treatment options include: 

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Standard Program 

  • Ketamine-assisted therapy combines structured therapy with the medical administration of ketamine. When used in controlled doses, ketamine is a medicine that can cause altered states of consciousness. Recent research has shown that, when combined with forms of therapy by trained mental health professionals, these psychedelic experiences can enable some individuals to overcome a broad range of mental health challenges, ranging from depression and anxiety to addiction and trauma . In the context of ketamine-assisted therapy, the aim is to harness the openness of this altered state by combining it with structured therapy to engage with and process strong emotions that may otherwise be painful or simply difficult to access. Working on this emotional awareness with your therapist may then make it possible to ‘reorganize’ core experiences, see important relationships in a new light, create a coherent and meaningful narrative that supports positive transformation, and to come into balance. The Standard Program includes two Preparation Sessions, three Medicine Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Sessions, three Integration Sessions, and a Closing Session; and Introductory Program with one medicine Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Ssession is also available.  

Flexible Ketamine Treatment 

  • Though our Standard Program is expected to provide the best and most lasting results, research has also shown ketamine to be beneficial without therapy. We also offer ketamine medicine as a standalone treatment, without one-to-one preparation and integration with a therapist. This is ideal for clients with therapy experience who are well supported in the community. Here, we allow you to build your own healing program with the assistance of our clinical team. You can choose between several session types to meet your current needs and healing goals. At the core of this program are Ketamine Sessions; in these sessions, you are given ketamine under medical supervision, but your experience is self-guided rather than being led not guided by a therapist. You may also choose to add in Preparation or Integration Sessions with a therapist to better support you through your experience. This journey is entirely customizable, and our clinic staff will help you to design an individual program that will work best for you. You can always switch things up as you go along, adding in more sessions if you feel the need for further support. 


  • Our Spravato® treatment is a structured program that involves 12 Spravato® Sessions. In these sessions, you will be given Spravato®—a branded form of ketamine—under medical supervision, but without a therapist to guide you through the ketamine experience.  

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