The Numinus team is driven by the core purpose of reducing human suffering and promoting well-being in the world. In alignment with that purpose, we hold equality and human rights among our most fundamental values and consider social justice to be a pre-requisite for the cultivation of human flourishing. The long history of anti-black racism behind the murder of George Floyd and police violence against racialized groups are screaming examples of injustices that disrupt the very possibility of human happiness, so we support the global protest movement marching to uproot this destructive force.

Our internal dialogue this week has reinforced our conviction that simply issuing a statement of solidarity is a fairly limited contribution to the fight for racial equality. We are also committed to listening, dialoguing, and learning continuously in order to both explore how we may have unintentionally perpetrated discrimination and promote a more diverse, inclusive, and just community. Furthermore, we will be reflecting on additional, concrete initiatives to educate, train and support others in adopting the view that the truest path to individual peace and collective harmony is guided by wisdom, kindness and compassion.