Tammy Dunn

In her practice, Tammy strives to create a safe, non-judgmental space for clients to explore their emotions and experiences openly. The foundation of her practice is deeply informed by Internal Family Systems as well as mind, body, and spirit-based approaches. As a psychedelic assisted therapist, she finds these approaches to be very supportive. Tammy is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Flash Technique, and ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy). She also utilizes Polyvagal Theory to help clients befriend their nervous system.
Tammy specializes in treating PTSD and CPTSD. She works with survivors of sexual abuse, NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) or BPD (borderline personality disorder) abuse, as well as individuals navigating religious/spiritual conflict and discovery.
She also has specialized training in working with first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, and military.

Carlos Palomo

Carlos has been working as a Clinician since 2016. He spent 7 years working in suicidality, psychosis, and Crisis Intervention. Carlos experience in working with clients in acute distress has given him the opportunity to understand how to best collaborate with clients in creating spaces externally and internally that invoke a sense of safety. This process creates room for vulnerability, awareness and courage to engage with difficult emotions and experiences. His approach is eclectic and curated to optimize facilitation for the client to experience growth and healing. His clinical style is conversational and egalitarian to ensure an open, warm and genuine therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client.

Sarah Cimesa

Therapy is an opportunity to bridge personal struggles with new insights of healing and change, and I am here to support you through that process.

In my practice, I have had the pleasure of working with diverse populations with a range of challenges and strengths. I am proud to be a part of the LGBT-Queer community and am passionate about supporting individuals from all walks of life to share their story. My work is trauma-informed and strengths-based, with experience in supporting clients seeking to gain emotional balance, motivation, empowerment, coping strategies, and self-knowledge.

I completed my Masters in Counselling Psychology with Yorkville University, and hold an Honours BA in Psychology with certificate in Communication from the University of Guelph. My clinical focus incorporates elements of:

* Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
* Emotionally-Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT)
* Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
* Narrative Therapy
* Mindfulness Techniques

My therapeutic approach is collaborative, engaging, and committed to holding space for what matters most to you. I am committed to the therapeutic process and working together with you to integrate healthier ways of navigating life.

Therapy is tailored to your specific goals, need, and values in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.

Sessions are available to residents of Ontario, Canada.

Rebecca Ziemann

Rebecca is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario (CRPO) and the Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT). She supports her client’s goals to achieve a new balance in their day-to-day life and rediscovering purpose and meaning.

Rebecca’s competencies range from your everyday improvements and insights to severe complex mental health challenges. She has extensive knowledge with Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA), Worker Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) and clients dealing with personality or mood disorders.

Approaches provided: Psychedelic-Assisted-Psychotherapy (PAT), treatment for Nonepileptic seizures (NES), short-term/brief therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosis (CBTp), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), Transactional Analysis (TA), Jungian dream analysis, dream revision, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), meditation and mindfulness for those suffering Functional Neurological Disorders (FND), Trauma, Chronic pain, PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder), Complex PTSD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Adjustment challenges, Attachment, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Boundaries, Emotion Regulation and/or Relationship problems.
She has training conducting self-reporting assessments.

Cami Felt

Cami Felt earned her Master of Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Utah, where she was recognized with the C. Hilman Castle scholar award for exceptional patient care skills. Prior to becoming a PA, Cami earned a Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University, then completed an Ed.S. in School Psychology at the University of Northern Colorado. She worked for 12 years as a nationally certified school psychologist providing a variety of mental health and psychoeducational assessment and counseling services for children aged pre-K to high school. She has spent many years working first-hand with children and families struggling to find specialized behavioral health services, and her goal in becoming a PA is to integrate her psychological and medical training to provide needed behavioral health and medication management services to children and their families. She is passionate about collaborating with parents and other caregivers to help children, as she believes that children are successful when the people who care for them are supported. Cami speaks fluent Spanish, and loves the opportunity to work with multilingual families. Cami stays busy with children's lives at home as well, as she, her husband, and their three children enjoy camping, hiking, crafting, and working together through all of life's big and small problems.

Marina Fowler

Marina (she/her) received her Bachelor's and Master's degree in social work with an emphasis on trauma and substance use at The University of Utah. In her practice, Marina’s work is centered around guiding individuals to tap into their own intuitive wisdom and draw upon their own life experiences as sources of inspiration and knowledge. Marina has worked extensively with individuals struggling with trauma, grief, mental health, substance use and chronic pain issues. Marina seeks to create a safe and compassionate space for each client’s unique process to unfold as they learn how to heal and reconnect with themselves and the world around them. Her goal is to provide her clients with a variety of therapeutic tools that will help them to meet their own needs outside of therapy as well as to build resilience in the face of life’s challenges and transitions.

Anne-Marie Perreault

Pour accompagner l'être humain dans sa quête du bonheur, Anne-Marie exerce la psychothérapie depuis 15 ans. Elle fait partie d'une nouvelle génération de professionnels proposant une approche en santé intégrative et holistique où les différentes dimensions humaines sont considérées et, où la mixité des soins est honorée. Son désir profond est d’offrir un espace aimant, bienveillant et compatissant pour la guérison intérieure. Elle pratique auprès d’une clientèle adulte et son approche intégrative permet d’ajuster ses interventions aux besoins uniques de ses clients. Sa pratique est inspirée de plusieurs orientations théoriques telles l’approche humaniste, psychocorporel, psychospirituelle, cognitive-comportementale (TCC), psychodynamique, thérapie d'acceptation et d'engagement (ACT) et PGRO. L’hypnose clinique, l’imagerie mentale, la pleine conscience et l’auto-compassion en font parties. Étant aussi formée en yoga thérapie, elle partage l'art de la détente et du ressourcement. Anne-Marie accompagne chaleureusement chacun de ses clients à retrouver sa légèreté et à cheminer vers un mieux-être. Sa grande sensibilité, sa douceur, son ouverture et sa rigueur intellectuelle supportent la croissance de ceux qui la consultent. Elle témoigne au quotidien que le mouvement et les changements sont possibles. L’accompagnement se déroule dans un climat sécurisant et de non jugement. Pour plus de détails sur son approche, elle vous invite à vous référer à son site web: www.annemarieperreault.com

Thomas Mifflin

Thomas is a physician assistant who specializes in psychiatry and ketamine assisted therapy. Thomas earned his Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Utah, following a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies. Prior to joining Numinus, Thomas was able to complete additional training in an 8 week psychedelic assisted therapy certificate program with SCPTR. He continues to learn more on his own and is also completing additional psychedelic therapy education with Numinus. Over the past few years, Thomas has been able to perform thousands of ketamine assisted therapy sessions and continues to refine his interactive approach to maximize benefits. Ketamine is usually administered in a medical model without therapy during the ketamine experience. In contrast to this model, Thomas has a passion for one-on-one guided ketamine therapy sessions with a more individualized approach. When ketamine is used in this guided therapy approach, it allows patients to discover root causes and the limiting beliefs and perspectives driving their mental health challenges. Additionally, Thomas provides the tools for patients to rewire those limiting beliefs with empowering new beliefs, at the level of the subconscious so that these results will last long after the ketamine has worn off.