Karine St-Jean

Karine is a psychologist since 2004. She deeply believe that the human being and the therapeutic relationship are the heart of every transformative journey. She offers a space where each person can connect with themselves, explore their challenges and strengths. Her curious and kind presence allows people to tap into their resources to navigate with more ease the issues they encounter in life and find well-being. Her proactive and pragmatic stance is supportive of this process. Karine is deeply interested in the healing potential of psychedelic-assisted journey and offers support to people exploring this realm. She offers harm-reduction and preparation and integration support. She has experience accompanying individual adults coping with anxiety, depression, developmental trauma, life transitions and eco-grief/anxiety. Benefiting from her background as an entrepreneur, she also offer a space for individuals to explore their relationship with their career and work-life balance. Her interest lies in holding a space where everyone can be fully seen and understood, as well as connect with their innate capacity to heal, find meaning and engage fully in life.