Maryse Damecour

Maryse's therapeutic approach is based on the creation of a relationship where security, empathy and acceptance are the springboard towards a more harmonious and meaningful life. Wounds, beliefs, fears, distress, shame... all these sometimes painful and restrictive things are encountered, listened to and reintegrated with love. Frozen in time and isolated from us, our wounds sometimes prevent us from acting with all the maturity of which we are capable. The process therefore consists of making contact with these wounded parts, listening to them and offering them what, in the past, was not accessible. In a humanist and integrative approach, Maryse draws on various studies and training: NonViolent Communication, inner family system, polyvagal theory (dealing with the autonomic nervous system), therapy focused on emotions as well as attachment styles. To find out more about Maryse's therapeutic approach (or simply for pleasure), you can listen to her podcast show which deals with psychology ( psycho).