Kate Mulvihill

Kate is a licensed clinical psychologist who uses process-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to understand and help alleviate the suffering of the individuals with whom she is privileged to work. Kate will encourage you to cultivate present-moment awareness, to open up to emotional experiences safely with curiosity and compassion, and to build new patterns of behaviour that are consistent with your values and basic psychological needs. Exploring whether this approach could be helpful to you will be an important part of your process of informed consent with Kate. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kate studied English at Yale University (BA), went on to read Classics at Columbia University, (MA) and enjoyed a double life as a Latin teacher and professional musician before immigrating to Canada in 2011 and retraining as a clinical psychologist at Concordia University (PhD) in Montreal. In addition to her university, hospital, and post-graduate training, Kate credits her years teaching and singing as foundations for her particular interest in the unfolding interpersonal process of psychotherapy. Kate practices in accordance with Québec’s Code of Ethics for Psychologists and in alignment with principles of justice, equity, and inclusion. She engages in a personal mindfulness practice in order to maintain a stance that is open, warm, compassionate, and curious, and regularly takes opportunities for continuing education in the service of her clients.