Episode 28: Creating a Mindful Culture at Work with Michael Bunting



“Mindfulness is both gift and challenge at the same time.”

In this episode of the Numinus podcast, Dr. Joe speaks with Michael Bunting. Michael is a business leadership consultant with a focus on mindfulness in the workplace. He is the founder of The Mindful Leader, an online resource for developing mindful leadership skills and WorkSmart Australia, a leadership consultancy.

His consulting work focuses on cultural transformation in organizations with mindfulness training at the core of his services. He has worked with companies like Novartis Pharma, Qantas, Hilton Hotels, and Rio Tinto. He is also the author of The Mindful Leader, A Practical Guide to Mindfulness Meditation, and a contributor to Extraordinary Leadership.

Michael and Dr. Joe spoke about:

  • The importance of mindfulness and changing the culture at organizations
  • How mindfulness consulting actually works
  • How to bring mindfulness into the workplace with ethics and integrity
  • Leaders’ role in creating culture the promotes mental health and well-being
  • The importance of honesty and respect in an organization’s health
  • The most important characteristics of great leaders
  • The connection between mindfulness, self-awareness, and behavioural change
  • How organizations should approach remote work

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