4 Insights From Motivational Psychology That Can Re-invigorate Your Meditation Practice


February is Mindfulness Month at Numinus.

In an effort to re-invigorate our meditation practices, Numinus is dedicating February to Mindfulness meditation. The idea is to use some basic scientific principles from motivational psychology to promote consistent practice.

Here they are:

1. Set intentions

Develop a clear, realistic, and measurable targets for your meditation practice. Maximize your chances of success. Mine is to sit 6 out of 7 days each week in the month of February. If you don’t meet your target, don’t worry. Learn from the experience, rest your intentions, and move forward.

2. Connect with others

We are more likely cultivate intrinsic motivation if our activities involve a social component. While meditation is a solitary act, we can still connect with each other through sitting groups, phone calls, and online platforms like Facebook. It’s a great space to report on your practice, ask questions, discuss issues, and post/check out interesting media.

3. Make it yours

This isn’t a homework assignment. There are no deadlines. Your practice is for you. Be flexible, do what works for you, and reward yourself for maintaining your discipline. A sense of autonomy promote intrinsic motivation.

4. Enjoy

Activities that provide us with a sense of pleasure and competence tend to promote intrinsic motivation. For some, Mindfulness is something they “get to do” rather than “have to do.” Can you find positive energy in your practice?


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