Raymond Archuleta

Raymond is a fully licensed psychotherapist (L.C.S.W.) with undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from the University of Utah. His professional experience started in 2005 and includes working in residential treatment, outpatient counseling, independent living support, substance abuse programming, crisis care in inpatient settings, and private program admissions/administration. He enjoys approaching mental health from a holistic standpoint, inviting in various aspects of the human experience that contribute to a person’s readiness to thrive. He regards strength and healing as being inherent to a person’s nature, and always within reach. Raymond is a fitness enthusiast and is also certified as a personal trainer. This helps him to utilize health-centered practices that add to the overall healing experience. Raymond grew up in a very diverse population and appreciates seeing human growth and learning through as many different lenses as possible. He greatly enjoys working with individuals who identify with marginalized groups, including all racial and cultural backgrounds and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. He also helps individuals who are navigating their religious or spiritual transition, and any one struggling to align their daily experience to their own core values. As a trained psychedelic-assisted therapist, Raymond is passionate about using effective integrative therapies to assist people in their ketamine treatment at Numinus. He is extremely eager to see the upcoming additions of other psychedelic medicines in helping people in their healing journeys and personal growth.