Numinus Hires Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy Specialist

The Numinus Clinic recently hired Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) specialist Jessica Kokin.

Kokin trained at the University of Ottawa with EFT founder Dr. Sue Johnson. The hiring reflects the growing presence of EFT in the field of couples therapy, and Dr. Johnson’s approach represents a real paradigm shift. “EFT isn’t your traditional couples therapy,” explained Numinus Clinic director Dr. Joe Flanders. “It’s a cutting-edge approach that’s really catching on and making a difference in couples’ lives.” Kokin has been on staff at the Numinus Clinic since September 2013.

About EFT

EFT is different from traditional couples therapies that teach teach negotiation and problem-solving skills. EFT based on the premise that humans are wired for connection, and that every person has a basic need to feel safe, respected, valued, and loved. When connections break down, couples resort to unhelpful coping strategies such as nagging or withdrawal, creating a vicious cycle of negative interactions. EFT therapists like Kokin help couples identify maladaptive patterns and move toward honest, open, and loving relationship patterns in which both partners’ needs are met. “If a relationship is like a dance,” Kokin said, “rather than teaching you new steps to the old dance, EFT gets to the heart of the problem and teaches couples a completely new way to dance.”

About Jessica Kokin

Kokin has trained with experts in EFT, including founder Dr. Sue Johnson, author of the classic EFT book Hold Me Tight and Lovesense, a recent release about the new science of love. Kokin is presently completing her rigorous training to become officially certified in EFT, and Dr. Johnson couldn’t be more pleased: “Jessica is a wonderful, creative young clinician who has immersed herself in this empirically validated model of therapy. She can lead couples from despair and disengagement to a more caring connection.” Johnson added, “I’m so pleased that Jessica will be helping to expand the EFT community in Montreal.”

EFT at Numinus

The Numinus Clinic is pleased to now offer Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. “EFT is part of the new generation of evidence-based treatments for couples in trouble. I’m thrilled that Numinus has some very talented therapists who specialize in this area,” said clinic director Flanders.

To make an appointment to see Jessica or any of the Numinus therapists, call 1-833-NUMINUS (686-4687)or email