100 episodes and the stoic approach to life and psychedelics



Welcome to the 100th episode of Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers, the podcast devoted to exploring the frontiers of psychedelic medicine and what it takes to cultivate a healthy mind, body, and spirit. In today’s episode, Reid and Steve reflect on the last 100 episodes, then dive into today’s topic: Stoicism. They discuss the overlap between stoic philosophy and other popular philosophies. They talk about how stoicism influenced modern psychotherapy. They reveal how stoic practices have improved their lives and explore how such practices might enhance the psychedelic therapy experience.

(2:12) Steve and Reid talk about the 100 episode journey
(4:02) Naming the podcast
(6:44) Will our moms listen?
(10:22) Stoicism introduction and Steve mediation story
(13:56) Stoicism in history
(16:37) Stoicism in modern psychotherapy
(18:22) Epictetus
(22:39) Acceptance of the current moment
(29:36) Virtue
(35:12) Striving to be free of the passions
(39:14) Eudaemonia
(41:17) We are nature
(47:56) Where stoicism falls short
(102:22) Reid psychedelic story
(108:53) Clear perspective

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