Coming home to yourself: Hannah & Reid on embodiment and psychedelics



In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Hannah Cross, LCSW and Dr. Reid Robison talk about embodiment and psychedelics, and what it means to come home to oneself.

(2:27) Kundalini as psychedelic yoga
(2:42) Gabor Mate & compassionate inquiry
(2:58) Sat Dharam Kaur, kundalini teacher in Canada
(6:25) Yoga, breathwork, and other body-based practices as gateways to our inner worlds.
(7:52) Hannah’s Holotropic breathwork story, and how breathwork can be such a somatically activating practice using deep rhythmic breathing to attain altered states.
(10:58) Using the body for healing and growth, and to live a full and meaningful life with deep connections.
(11:30) Reid’s journey home to the body.
(14:40) Food and body as a mirror to your relationship to God, and all life.
(15:03) How yoga facilitates coming home to your body.
(17:13) Hannah draws a comparison between yoga and psychedelic experiences — learning to sit with the discomfort.
(21:05) “Get out of your head and into your senses, where the magic is.” ~Hannah & Reid
(22:00) Getting out of your head and into the body helps you move from fear to love, from judgement to compassion.
(23:30) Hannah’s journey home to the body.
(26:45) Your body as your sacred partner through life.
(27:15)  Listen to your body as you would your sacred partner; Seek first to understand, before you jump to reacting or imposing judgement. Yelling at the body doesn’t work.
(27:35) Balancing discipline and compassion.
(28:30) Hannah’s experiences working with a Tantra coach.
(30:00)  Psychedelic integration work, the body, and releasing energy. Sometimes, after a profound experience of expansion, the body needs to catch up.
(30:42)  Eckhart Tolle and the pain body (
(31:05) The body is like a pressure cooker and if we don’t have ways of consciously releasing that energy, the energy will blow or spill out in other ways
(36:50) How do you use somatics in therapy?
(38:54 ) The Dubliners, by James Joyce: The story of Mr. Duffy who lived a short distance from his body.
(39:40) The body as your greatest resource for weathering the storm of day to day life.
(40:30) Ask the body what it needs.
(40:49) Hannah provides an example of somatic therapy with EMDR.
(41:45) Emotions and embodiment.
(43:20) Journeys of Embodiment by Niva Piran.
(44:50) Trance dance as a practice for embodied healing and growth

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Disclaimer: The content of this podcast does not constitute medical advice or mental health treatment. Consult with a medical/mental health professional if you believe you are in need of mental health treatment.

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