How to make love stay in relationships with Hannah Cross, LCSW



In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Dr. Steve Thayer and Dr. Reid Robison joined by Hannah Cross. Hannah is a regular guest on the show and today we’re doing our 2nd installment in our series on relationships. Hannah is a licensed clinical social worker, expert therapist, reiki master, yoga teacher, ecstatic dance facilitator, and an expert at using psychedelic medicines to enhance the psychotherapy process. In this episode we explore the concept of love and how to make it last in relationships. We hope you find it useful.

(1:52) Hannah introduces herself
(2:41) First PTF podcast episode in the relationships series Sex, Tantra, Psychedelics, and making relationships work
(3:10) How do we make love stay?
(3:16) Still Life with Woodpecker, by Tom Robbins
(4:34) The magic, mystery, and ineffability of love
(7:39) Some definitions of love
(9:41) Could submitting to love be maladaptive?
(12:53) The research on what makes relationships succeed or fail by John and Julie Gottman
(14:52) 4 horsemen of the apocalypse
(17:31) MDMA-assisted therapy for couples
(19:31) Antidotes to the 4 horsemen
(23:02) Cultivate friendships in a romantic partnership
(27:20) The importance of trust in a relationship
(29:26) Commitment in a relationship
(33:23) When to break a commitment
(39:30) Pain is part of love
(42:38) Sue Johnson's marriage therapy
(44:16) Separation makes the heart grow fonder
(44:46) Bittersweet, by Susan Cain
(46:00) The Sea in You, by David Whyte
(50:07) Strategies for making love stay

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Disclaimer: The content of this podcast does not constitute medical advice or mental health treatment. Consult with a medical/mental health professional if you believe you are in need of mental health treatment.

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