No nonsense spirituality with Britt Hartley


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In today’s episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast Dr. Steve Thayer and Dr. Reid Robison are joined by Brittney Hartley. Britt is a religious trauma and deconstruction coach and atheist spiritual director. Drawing from her study of history and theology and her own experience with religious deconstruction, Britt helps thousands of people every day via her TikTok and Instagram content navigate the difficult waters of faith transition, existential crisis, and meaning-making. In this interview they discuss her new book (No Nonsense Spirituality: All the Tools, No Faith Required), her personal experience with religious deconstruction, secular spirituality, atheism, nihilism, absurdism, evolutionary psychology, cognitive biases, the differences between masculine/patriarchal and feminine/matriarchal approaches to ego dissolution and spiritual development, epistemic humility, embodied intuition, how psychedelics can help with religious deconstruction, and much more.


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