Psychedelic breathwork and unleashing your inner healer



In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Dr. Steve Thayer and Dr. Reid Robison  discuss breathwork. Breathwork is all the rage in the wellness community right now, but humans have been using the power of the breath to heal and transform for thousands of years. We discuss a variety of breathwork practices and explore the similarities between certain of those practices and psychedelic medicine experiences.

(1:11) Intro to the topic
(2:28) Poem about a practice of breathing meditation
(4:51) The breath is the bridge between the mind and the body and between the conscious and subconscious
(8:04) Steve's psychedelic breathwork experience
(10:30) The power of the breath to alter physical capacity
(14:18) Correlation between slower respiratory rate and longer life
(15:25) Some breathing practices to calm down and become present
(17:00) Fitness is to do more while breathing less
(18:38) Breath, by James Nestor
(19:20) Intake nasal dilator
(21:00) Science of breathing
(22:50) Breathwork "lobster claws"
(27:24) Does holotropic breathwork release endogenous DMT?
(30:27) Psychedelic breathwork practices
(34:41) Research findings on holotropic breathwork
(35:45) Benefits of breathwork
(43:40) Start with a breathing practice before meditation
(57:00) Breathwork Beats YouTube channel
(57:22) Othership breathwork app
(57:48) Heart, Breath, Mind, by Leah Lagos
(59:26) Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy

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Disclaimer: The content of this podcast does not constitute medical advice or mental health treatment. Consult with a medical/mental health professional if you believe you are in need of mental health treatment.

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