Psychedelic ceremony, spirituality, drug policy reform, and more with Gillian Maxwell and Richard Kay



In today’s episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers, the podcast, Dr. Steve Thayer and Dr. Reid Robison are joined by Gillian Maxwell and Richard Kay. Gillian and Richard are the co-founders and CEOs of The Sentinel Retreat & Wellness Centre in British Columbia, Canada and are founding members of the Psychedelic Association of Canada. Richard has over 20 years of personal experience working with plant based medicines and focuses his coaching to give people the opportunity to experience their unique gifts in the world. Gillian co-founded the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition (CDPC), served on the board of directors of MAPS Canada for over 10 years, and has spoken at conferences nationally and internationally. In 2012. Gillian received the Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal, for community service in introducing harm reduction to Vancouver and successfully advocating for INSITE, North America’s first supervised injection site. They discuss blending the ceremonial and the clinical, the role spirituality plays in psychedelic therapy, the importance of community, the work Gillian and Richard do at The Sentinel, drug policy reform, and much more.

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