Psychedelics and the inner healing intelligence



Dr. Reid Robison and Dr. Steve Thayer  are joined by Derick Moody, PA-C, to discuss the role that the inner healing intelligence plays in psychedelic medicine. They explore the following topics:

  • What is the inner healing intelligence?
  • The role of the clinician is to foster an ideal environment for the healing process to commence and to remove the obstacles that frustrate that process
  • The "monkey mind" as an obstacle to psychological healing
  • Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, by Robert Zapolsky
  • Peter Levine and somatic experiencing therapy for trauma
  • The adaptability and resilience of the human organism
  • The evolutionary mismatch between human psychology and modern society
  • Example of using psychedelics to access the inner healer, collective unconscious, and ancestral wisdom in the movie Black Panther
  • The psychedelic renaissance as response by the inner-healer on a global scale to social unrest
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) and "parts work" in therapy
  • The various qualities of the inner healing intelligence
  • The obstacle is the path, the only way out is through
  • Story about deferring to the inner healer during a difficult ayahuasca experience
  • How the presence of a supportive other facilitates healing
  • Your Symphony of Selves, by James Fadiman
  • How do we cultivate the inner healing intelligence as a therapist/clinician
Disclaimer: The content of this podcast does not constitute medical advice or mental health treatment. Consult with a medical/mental health professional if you believe you are in need of mental health treatment.

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