Numinus Wellness looking to position itself at the forefront of psychedelics for healing and wellness

Through its Bioscience lab, Numinus is the first public company in Canada to receive a licence to pr

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Experts favour use of magic mushroom derivatives for research into mental health treatment

Educators, researchers see value in studying psilocybin’s effect treating mental health and addict

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Numinus Becomes The First Canadian Psychedelics Company To Legally Harvest Magic Mushrooms

Numinus CEO Payton Nyquvest and COO Michael Tan sat down with Forbes to discuss the company's harves

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Vancouver company completes first legal harvest of psilocybe mushrooms

Vancouver-based Numinus Wellness Inc. has completed its first harvest of psilocybe mushrooms, said t

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Numinus Announces First Legal Harvest of Psilocybe Mushrooms

Vancouver-based health care company Numinus Bioscience has officially harvested the first legal ba

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Company with Nanaimo lab gets federal approval for psychedelic drug research

Numinus' recently amended Health Canada licence allows the company to produce and extract psilocybin

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