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“We want to support the world to heal and be well through mental health treatments, psychedelic-assisted therapy and a deeply connected community. To create sustainable and lasting change, we need to inspire and grow with partners who share the same mission.”
– Payton Nyquvest, Founder and CEO, Numinus

Benefitting the world, together

Psychedelic medicines offer new evidence-based and complementary treatment paradigms that provide the potential opportunity for people to experience lasting and meaningful change. Numinus is ready to guide practitioners in learning how to introduce psychedelic therapy through your own clinical practice.

Numinus’ commitment to address the global mental health crisis through research, advocacy, and the provision of mental health services has culminated in a care model that exists well beyond psychedelic-assisted therapy (“PAT”). The model’s robust offering fully supports clients by facilitating their access to the full healing potential available from psychedelic therapy. Since PAT is only one element of the healing journey, much more support is needed for it to be effective.

Partner with Numinus and together we can change the future of mental health care in your community and beyond. We will guide you through every aspect of establishing your clinic and establishing a client experience with tools within and beyond your four walls – positioning you and your practice as a PAT leader in your region. Through our partnership, we will work together to advocate for and support people in your community who are suffering and in need of a new approach to treatment.

Who we are

Numinus envisions a world where everyone feels connected and whole. We exist to bring transformative healing to humanity and we do so by developing and delivering transformative psychedelic therapeutics – inspired by tradition and informed by science.

Our model of care takes an integrative and transformative approach guided by principles encompassing justice, equity, dignity and inclusion, cultural safety and humility, trauma- and violence-informed care, connection, mindfulness, embodiment, and harm reduction.

Numinus’ protocol has been developed and informed by top clinicians in the field as well as extensive research conducted for ourselves and for psychedelic drug development sponsors.

With over 150 Numinus healthcare professionals, a stellar operations team, and 17 North American clinics and research sites (Utah, Arizona, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal), we have developed a proven model for you to implement consisting of:

  • The design, setup, opening and operating of PAT clinics including systems, staff, and procedures
  • Relationships with insurance payors and the set up of payor systems and processes
  • The implementation of an array of existing and new therapeutics including ketamine-assisted therapy and MDMA- and psilocybin-assisted therapies
  • Attracting, recruiting, training, and engaging a team of prescribers, therapists, and health professionals
  • Educating referring communities including doctors, first responder associations, and insurance payors and the general public on PAT
  • Leveraging an existing community of expert clinicians and thought leaders and experienced practitioners for support and on-going guidance
  • Our goal is to establish a network of partnerships connected by a community platform to offer the most amount of care and support for clients who will be accessing PAT and mental health services through physical locations

Who you are

You are a partner who shares our vision, mission and values – and who recognizes the limitations of traditional approaches to mental health and are ready to be a part of necessary change. You are a torch bearer in your community who is inspired by educating and forming relationships with referring clinicians. You are highly collaborative and have a contagious energy and passion for being at the leading edge of change. You embody an integrative and transformative approach to mental wellness guided by cultural safety and humility and lived through connectedness, mindfulness and embodiment.

Key traits that constitute an aligned partner for Numinus are:

  • Exceptional client centricity
  • Secure in the uncertainty and ambiguity of a nascent, rapidly evolving yet highly regulated environment
  • Experienced and comfortable functioning with newly developed approaches and solutions
  • Management and leadership expertise; clinic management experience would be helpful however is not a requirement
  • Commitment to running and expanding your clinic
  • Enthusiastic about grassroots networking and marketing
  • Sufficient liquid capital depending on partnership arrangement

Established Brand and Marquee Relationships

We are the most trusted brand in the psychedelics space.

To support our partners at all local levels, we are heavily investing in building global brand awareness.

Our partners will benefit from research, training and advocacy initiatives we have secured with the most distinguished organizations in the space, including MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies).

“We are happy to work with a trusted ally to quickly complete the extension trial at the Canadian sites. As we get closer to our goal of making MDMA-assisted therapy a reality, it is critical that we work with clinics who will advance making this treatment widely accessible in real-world settings.”

– Dr. Rick Doblin, PH.D., founder and executive director at MAPS, regarding Numinus hosting the extension of MAPS-Sponsored MDMA Assisted Therapy for PTSD Trials (Nov. 2021)

Numinus Therapy and Treatment Protocols

You will have access to regularly updated and evidence-based protocols. These protocols have been developed by our team of experienced clinicians spanning a range of disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, neurology, and addiction medicine and refined by some of the most psychedelic-informed practitioners and therapists such as Dr. Devon Christie, Dr Reid Robison, Dr Evan Lewis and many others.

  • Psychedelic-assisted-therapy (PAT), including MDMA and psilocybin
  • Ketamine-assisted-therapy (KAT)
  • Spravato (eskatamine)
  • Ketamine
  • PAT/KAT in a group setting
  • Psychedelic integration circles
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Psychiatric services

We continuously refine our protocols and procedures based on ongoing feedback from our clinicians, therapists, staff and clients. You will become part of our team and be able to shape the future of psychedelic medicine by working with key leaders in the field.

And as Numinus continues to participate in cutting edge psychedelic research with classical and newly developed medicines including psilocybin, DMT, and LSD, new findings will inform new protocols and products which will be offered throughout our clinic network.

Best-in-class PAT Training

As a partner, you and your team of health care professions will have access to Numinus’ entire curriculum including our certified program and all stand-alone courses – all developed and administered by some of the world’s most advanced and experienced instructors.

Numinus’ care model is based on an integrative and transformative approach to mental wellness guided by principles encompassing justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, cultural safety and humility, trauma and violence-informed care, harm reduction and a foundation of mindfulness and embodiment.

Our training program has been developed with the input of thought leaders in the psychedelic space to support clinicians in developing their knowledge and experience with psychedelic assisted therapy so they themselves can become experts in the field.

Proven Clinic Model

Numinus has extensive experience launching, operating and growing clinics which entails many complex and interrelated operational, personnel, legal and regulatory components beyond clinical protocols and trained therapists. With over 17 clinics and research sites in North America, we have the breadth of experience to get you over any hurdles.

There are many different elements that you need to consider when setting up your clinic. These include everything from technology solutions (EMR, phone systems, video/sound, security), clinic standard operating procedures, medication supply and storage solutions, legal agreements between medical directors, clinicians and clinic staff, recruitment support, insurance payor set up and other solutions all compliant with federal and local regulatory requirements.

The complexity and integrated knowledge involved in opening a PAT clinic can feel insurmountable, but we will guide you through all the key components to launching and operating your practice.

Best-in Class Marketing Practices

Setting up a clinic is just the first step in getting started. How are you going to build awareness and connect with potential clients and referral leads? At Numinus, our bespoke marketing tools and techniques will guide you through how to develop and convert a pipeline of client leads, including an optimal blend of referral marketing and paid media depending on the market you operate in.

Our dedicated marketing team will work to achieve the precise number of new clients you need to grow while giving you an understanding of where your new clients come from whether it be advertising or referral sources.

A Centralized Call Centre

New Clients are vital to the growth of a practice.

Numinus’s transformative call centre will dedicate essential time to every new client, supported by the best technology to manage the quality and outcomes of every interaction.

This allows you to focus on providing clinical care to your clients ensuring they have an incredible experience, increasing return and referral rates.

Comprehensive Set-up Support

Training – Before you open your practice, you’ll receive training on day-today operations, plus everything you need to recruit and train clinic staff, and everything you need to attract, recruit and onboard all of your health care professionals

A Dyad Support Model – You will be paired up with not one but two people to coach you through your clinic’s operation and KAT and PAT sessions – a physician and a non-physician clinic director to support you from day one and ongoing for continued growth

Project Management – It takes a village to open a clinic, and you will be assigned a project manager to track the minute details and tasks involved from start to the first client walking through the door

Visits – Your clinic directors will visit twice a year to meet with you and provide you with guidance on how to elevate your clinic experience and grow

Peer support – You will have access to hundreds of peers (medical professionals and therapists) through support groups hosted through Numinus’s community platform where you can ask questions and connect with other partners and join live supervisor groups to provide you with additional support

Delivering a best-in-class client experience

Our clients are our priority, so we strive to provide the best experience and medical services to guide them through their healing journey. Here’s what our clients have to say:

Investment Support

At Numinus, we have established ourselves as a leader in psychedelic-assisted therapy and other mental health services. Our model is one that is grounded in years of experience with an established name that holds strong credibility. Owning and operating a Numinus clinic does have upfront costs and fees associated with it. We are happy to discuss financing options to assist in establishing your clinic. Our goal is to make clinic ownership accessible to people that match the requirements to own, operate and grow a clinic with us, so they can realize their dreams of bringing integrative and transformative healing to as many people as possible.

Our Process

First, we’ll hold a series of meetings to get to know each other. We’ll answer all of your questions about Numinus and its services. We’ll go over the Numinus Care Model to show you why we believe it’s the most effective model in the space going beyond a skill set and representing a way of life. We’ll also share insight into what components will be required to operate a PAT clinic or to administer PAT in yours.

In subsequent meetings, we’ll take the time to get to know you, your experience, the region you plan to operate in, the PAT landscape. This would also consist of an open dialogue about the basics of the partnership model reflecting either an owner-operated, Numinus-branded PAT clinic; an owner-operated, owner-branded structure; or a Numinus-operated, owner-branded structure.

Here’s where we’ll assess the region you intend to operate in detail against all of the components required to successfully operate a PAT clinic.

We’ll assess:

  • Planned real estate and required leasehold improvements
  • The local regulatory environment
  • The level of psychedelic interest in the medical community
  • The availability of psychedelic-interested and experienced therapists
  •  The demand for PAT services and the client profiles
  • The requirements to set up insurance payors
  • Other legal and operational considerations that would influence the viability of a PAT clinic

At this stage, we’ll also connect you with Numinus medical directors and clinic managers so you can hear firsthand from them and ask any questions.

And we’ll work with you to create your own financial forecast to calculate your break-even point and project your cash flow for your first three years of business.

Following the outline of the Partnership Elements, we’d pen a draft Partnership Agreement and associated commercial terms. This would be a document that would be exchanged between the parties and be signed once all were content with the terms.

In parallel to the Partnership Agreement being formalized, you and Numinus would draft a Partnership Implementation Plan for the 12, 24 and 36 months ahead.

Upon formalization of the Partnership Agreement, we’d together implement the Partnership Plan. This would involve dedicated resources to bring the partnership to life, and periodic monitoring, review and amendment of the plan to ensure it is on target for all parties.

Welcome to the Numinus Partnership network!

Let’s continue the conversation.

Michael Tan
President and COO

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