February 21, 2023

Crisis of faith: How to survive religious faith deconstruction

On this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Dr. Steve Thayer and Dr. Reid Robison discuss how to navigate a crisis of religious faith.

(2:30) Why it’s hard to talk about religious belief
(5:10) The “nones” and the secularization of the West
(8:52) What’s at stake with a religious faith transition
(13:57) The risk of your moral character being questioned
(17:30) How to support a loved one who is going through a faith deconstruction
(20:55) Thriving and Building Community After a Faith Crisis TEDx Talk
(22:15) Mistrust of your own instincts and intuition
(26:40) The importance of finding community
(28:30) PTF Podcast: Navigating spiritual emergencies with Hannah Cross
(30:49) Trauma and abuse within religious organizations
(34:33) Psychedelic experiences of people deconstructing their religious faith
(36:50) Beware of bitterness and how to grapple with it
(41:08) Calibrating your life to your values
(43:30) Allow uncertainty
(47:41) Faith and surrender
(49:45) Psychedelic tools for religious faith deconstruction
(54:50) Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis, by Thomas McConkie

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