Cultivating stillness in a chaotic world

by Numinus

Feb 08, 2022

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In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Dr. Steve Thayer and Dr. Reid Robison explore what it takes to cultivate stillness in our chaotic modern world. They discuss the following topics:

(1:12) Blaise Pascal and the challenge of being alone with oneself
(7:32) Bad habits, the monkey mind, and cognitive-behavioral therapy
(10:54) Be Here Now, by Ram Dass
(10:55) The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle
(12:00) Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
(14:47) Meditation research on open vs focused practices
(16:59) Waking Up meditation app with Sam Harris
(17:38) Staying present
(20:50) Psychedelics and their effect on the default mode network
(23:45) Flow states
(24:30) The Art of Impossible, by Steven Kolter
(30:43) Mindful eating
(33:41) Urge surfing
(39:12) Compassionate awareness 
(40:45) Journaling for introspection 
(41:30) Physical practices for cultivating presence 
(44:30) Integration of transcendent experiences 

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Disclaimer: The content of this podcast does not constitute medical advice or mental health treatment. Consult with a medical/mental health professional if you believe you are in need of mental health treatment.

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