East Forest on the power of music in psychedelic therapy

by Numinus

Apr 19, 2023

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On this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Dr Reid Robison, Numinus CEO Payton Nyquvest, and East Forest are at SXSW, and talk about the many facets of music and the importance it plays in the psychedelic therapy process.

(2:19) SXSW psychedelic track and panel recap
(9:37) East Forest music in the yoga community and psychedelic origins
(13:51) Origin of East Forest
(27:21) Recording and visiting with Ram Dass
(33:28) Payton on seeking and finding
(38:30) Music as a tool
(49:50) The arc of the journey
(54:34) Music during ketamine vs psilocybin
(58:59) The brain science of music

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