How to prepare for a psychedelic journey

by warrengibbon

Oct 25, 2022

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In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast Dr. Steve Thayer and Dr. Reid Robison discuss how to prepare for a psychedelic journey.

(2:35) Terminology: harm reduction vs. conscious preparation
(4:00) Preparation might be the most overlooked aspect of the psychedelic experience
(4:30) Importance of long-term, intermediate, and short-term prep
(6:45) Physical preparation: contraindications, the potential need to taper off medications, nutrition…
(8:00) Reid’s story of the Buddha doing yoga before starting on his path in order to be able to sit still long enough to actually attain enlightened states
(12:15) What you resist persists—the importance of letting go
(13:30) During the preparation stage, get to know and befriend your fears
(15:27) Recognizing triggers and learn to follow them back to their origins
(17:24) Practice being in the presence of your triggers and sitting with the discomfort
(22:46) Social preparation and sharing the experience (including intention setting) with loved ones
(27:24) We’re preparing as we go, we’re integrating as we go—punctuated by these little mystical experiences and rituals
(29:17) The story of Leo Zeff (“The Secret Chief”) who was a pioneer of MDMA therapy in the 70s
(32:50) Balancing patience and surrender with curiosity and self-exploration during the trip
(34:20) It’s important to ask yourself why you’re seeking a psychedelic experience and what your motives might be—there can be multiple reasons and that’s okay
(35:07) Intention (a loosely held hope) vs. an expectation
(38:30) Reid’s story of resisting the urge to throw up during an ayahuasca ceremony
(41:45) Prepare spiritually—contemplate your relationship with the Divine (whatever this means to you) before your journey
(43:08) Leading up, really tune into your body, your mind, and your spirit by eliminating things and getting ready to make it a special & sacred experience

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Disclaimer: The content of this podcast does not constitute medical advice or mental health treatment. Consult with a medical/mental health professional if you believe you are in need of mental health treatment.

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